CAO routing of an electronic board with fast signals

When CAO routing an electronic board with fast signals, it is important to proceed in stages and analyze them. Indeed, it is necessary to understand the operation of the electronic card in order to be able to implant it correctly. Each component of the electronic board must have a specific location. It is necessary to calculate with precision the impedances of the differential transmission lines for the operation of these. [...]

The electronics manufacturing sector in France

The electronics manufacturing sector in France, a constantly evolving sector. In an unprecedented context of technological acceleration, notably via the Internet of Things, and the digital explosion, studies carried out have attempted to imagine the future of French electronics manufacturing for 2020 - 2025. These studies have been carried out in contact with French and foreign players in the sector. Thus, development forecasts have been made in the short and [...]

ESP32 very low consumption

The very low consumption ESP32 module Many developers who work with the ESP8266 have criticized its high consumption. This is why Expert PCB uses the ESP32 module which remedies this situation. It is a series of system-on-a-chip microcontrollers from Espressif Systems. It is equipped with a ULP (Ultra Low Power) coprocessor, which, with a drastic reduction in its functions, provides substantial energy savings. Espressif has learned from the problems of [...]

CE marking standard in electronics

Expert PCB is an electronic CAD design office offering electronic card production subcontracting. We guarantee you important attention regarding the use of materials and components for the design of your electronic products. So we can assure you that they meet CE marking standards. CE marking, particularly in electronics, is the symbol of the manufacturer's declaration indicating that the device or product offered complies with all European community regulations. The requirements [...]

The integral retro-design of the electronic card

The integral retro-design of the electronic card Expert in the field of electronics, our electronic CAO design office Expert PCB, provides you with its know-how for the realization of subcontracting in prototype and series and the redesign of your electronic card. The challenge You have to re-manufacture or archive an electronic card, but you no longer have the digital data necessary to launch a new production. However, you still have [...]

Gerber files

Gerber files: Expert PCB is an electronic CAO design office. Our experience of more than 15 years has allowed us to carry out projects for many companies in various fields. We subcontract the production of electronic card in prototype and in series. We master the technologies and equipment suitable for the realization of your projects such as Gerber files for PCB design. Gerber RS-274X is the standard format for printed [...]

Testing and testing in electronic development

Testing and testing in electronic development Expert PCB is an electronic CAD design office offering you services in; electronic engineering, but also an electronic subcontracting service in prototypes and large series. From pre-project analysis to industrialization, we are always at your side to act on all stages of your electronics project. We guarantee the reliability of your products by carrying out a testing and testing phase in electronic development. Always [...]

Our electronic CAO subcontracting services:

Our electronic CAO subcontracting services: Expert PCB is an CAO design office founded in 2006. We offer you a wide range of services in the world of electronics and connected objects. To this is added an electronic CAD subcontracting service where we ensure the assembly of your complete "Made in France" electronic products. Always fully meeting the ISO9001 quality, time and cost requirements. Indeed, thanks to our skills, we are [...]


Electronic Card Study and Subcontracting

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