The very low consumption ESP32 module

Many developers who work with the ESP8266 have criticized its high consumption. This is why Expert PCB uses the ESP32 module which remedies this situation. It is a series of system-on-a-chip microcontrollers from Espressif Systems. It is equipped with a ULP (Ultra Low Power) coprocessor, which, with a drastic reduction in its functions, provides substantial energy savings.

Espressif has learned from the problems of the ESP8266: if you use the “energy-efficient processor” correctly, you can effectively use the ESP32 in the low-power area. It’s because of its many features that it cannot really compete in the category of true ultra low power processors. Wi-Fi was simply not designed as a low-energy interface. If you’ve already gained assembly experience with PIC and the like, it shouldn’t take long for you to find your way around programming at ULP. This is (belated) confirmation to all who believe that programming in 8-bit chip assembler is a good preparation for working with advanced languages ​​on microcontrollers.

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