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Layout Electronic Design

PCB Design House

Expert PCB CAO, Electronic design office carries outl the routinf of electronic boards on behalf of industrial customers and start-ups.

Expert PCB CAO s an electronic design office which takes charge of your PCB constraints, import or input the electronic diagram, makes the placement and routing/ layout of the electronic card. And offers you the manufacture of your prototypes.

Our experts and seniors in the field of CAO PCB implantation take into consideration all the environmental parameters of the board; Electronic, mechanical, thermal performance, CEM / BT etc …

Since its creation in 2007,, Expert PCB has carried out for more than 500 customers around 1500 electronic CAO PCB studies, using Altium Designer, Cadstar, Visula, CR5000, Orcad, Pads

Electronic study

From your data, we do the CAD PCB study of your electronic board on our CAD stations (Altium Designer, PADS, Cadstar ...). If you express the need, we can carry out the supply of components and the wiring of your cards via our certified partners.

Knowledge and Experience

For many years, we have been making PCB layouts with the integrated development environment on our dedicated workstations.

Mastery of PCB Technologies

We are constantly attentive to the notion of electromagnetic compatibility. EMC-related faults are crippling for the operation of your equipment. In collaboration with the CEM BT R & TTE laboratories, we perform routing according to the rules of the art. For qualification and compliant performance.

Qualifications and Certifications

Our projects carried out for more than 10 years have allowed us to generate trust capital with our customers. We follow IPC and NF standards for the CAD design of electronic boards. And our production partners do the same for the ISO aspects.

Expert PCB: electronic PCB CAD design office

Expert PCB CAO, Electronic design office is made up of implanters and routers qualified to study and design all electronic boards.

Our CAO PCB stations allow us to import netlists provenant d’autres logiciels de CAO software such as; Altium Designer, Cadstar, Eagle, Cadence, Visula, Orcad, CR5000

Reference French CAO subcontractor for many French companies, we master the electronic design and manufacturing processes. We are proactive to help and support you on needs related to electronic PCB CAD Design.

Electronic routing

PCB Layout / routing electronic boards

We carry out the routing of all your electronic cards. All the electronic and mechanical constraints defined in the specifications are analyzed and taken into account for the realization of your routing, according to the recommendations of the IPC standards. CAO PCB is an expert’s job.

cao pcb hdi

Electronic design process

To carry out an electronic CAO study, our CAO PCB design office rigorously follows an ISO9000 design process. At each key stage, the implanters validate the project with you: diagrams, placement, routing, DRC, adapted impedance and HDI, manufacturing and assembly file.

design cao altium

Electronic boards assembly

In addition to the electronic PCB CAO study, we offer complete or partial subcontracting for the wiring of electronic boards. Manufacture of printed circuits, About components, assembly of prototypes, Functional tests, production of wire harnesses and strands, while advising you on Quality, Costs and Deadlines.




Finalized projects

PCB manufactured

  • Complex HDI design with very low pitch BGA.
  • Multilayer Flex or Rigid Flex circuit.
  • HF circuit design, with Rogers, Isolation materials
  • Calculs et conseils pour les stacks et définition des impédances contrôlées.
  • Calculations and advice for stacks and definition of controlled impedances.
  • In X-ray brazing control if necessary for BGA.


EXPERT PCB : Electronic Design House and Electronic Manufacturung Services

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