CAO study and Prototype electronic card – Achievements

For more than 20 years we have been carrying out the CAO PCB study of prototype electronic board. This on behalf of hundreds of French and European customers.

You will discover below the electronic cards achievements whose layouts were produced in our production sites.

PCB technologies can be Rigid, Flex-Rigid and Soft FR4. For PCB wiring, we can follow a manual process for short lead time prototypes. But also the SMD transfer with reflow line for electronic assemblies in series.

At Expert PCB, thanks to our skills, we are able to calibrate and optimize the costs and manufacturing process of electronic boards. Whether for prototypes, small, medium or large series, we offer production plans tailored to the objectives of our customers. Indeed, our commitment: to offer a quality, fair and balanced offer in terms of cost and time. We support you and provide you with specific and comprehensive solutions that meet your needs.

From electronic study to production through industrialization, our added value is measured at all stages of your project. We consider all the requirements of your request and we are always a source of proposals. Our goal is to guarantee the success of our collaborations for electronic production. Because our customers today face increasingly drastic market demands. It is for these reasons that Time-to-market is a key success factor. We also offer an electronic card wiring production service for the prototyping phase in the shortest possible time.


Study and Subcontracting of Electronic Cards

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