Testing and testing in electronic development

Expert PCB is an electronic CAD design office offering you services in; electronic engineering, but also an electronic subcontracting service in prototypes and large series. From pre-project analysis to industrialization, we are always at your side to act on all stages of your electronics project. We guarantee the reliability of your products by carrying out a testing and testing phase in electronic development. Always perfectly meeting the requirements of quality, deadlines and costs.

Tests are essential throughout a program to:

  • Assist the engineering and development processes, and verify that the desired performance is achieved.
  • Estimate the operational validity of the system and identify desirable modifications as well as the doctrine of use.

The volume of the tests to be carried out depends on the technical uncertainties of the definition, on the interactions between the subsystems and the sub-assemblies. Like the maturity and the level of quality that we can guarantee for the components. As test programs can be very expensive in terms of time and money, each technical requirement must be weighed against the tests it will entail. The costs to be taken into account include the cost of the testing procedures themselves. But also the cost of the new definitions, the modification and the new tests that will be necessary.

In particular, we should not forget the considerations relating to the overall cost of ownership. When giving direction about reliability and maintainability testing.

Our skills and know-how have enabled us over the past 15 years of experience to carry out numerous projects in various fields.