Nov 2020

Gerber files

Gerber files:

Expert PCB is an electronic CAO design office. Our experience of more than 15 years has allowed us to carry out projects for many companies in various fields. We subcontract the production of electronic card in prototype and in series. We master the technologies and equipment suitable for the realization of your projects such as Gerber files for PCB design.

Gerber RS-274X is the standard format for printed circuit board design software. It is used to manufacture approximately 90% of all PCBs designed in the world today. Yet despite its popularity Gerber imposes a number of practical limitations, which can lead to a wide variety of issues throughout the manufacturing process. Fortunately, there are solutions. The open standards Gerber X2 and IPC-2581 were developed to solve the problems inherent in RS-274X. what are X2 and IPC-2581 doing that RS-274X is unable to do? Let’s take a closer look at these formats, in order to understand the advantages they offer over the industry standard.

Gerber files

Gerber RS-274X is a comprehensive image description format. This means that an Extended Gerber file contains the complete description of a PCB layer, which indicates everything an operator needs to generate a PCB image and which allows any shape of opening to be defined. Unlike the Gerber Standard format, Gerber X does not require support for additional external opening files. It clearly and simply specifies planes and pads, without the need for vector painting or filling. The Gerber RS-274X format quickly replaced the Gerber Standard as the de facto standard for PCB image data. It is still used around the world to make approximately 90% of all PCBs designed today.

From the economical single-sided board to the complex multilayer printed circuit, Expert PCB is at your service for PCB Routing / Layout.